Fototaken is a platform that allows you to sell and buy photos.

2 Can anyone sell their photos?

Yes As long as you have a PayPal account.

3What is the difference between premium pictures and free pictures?

If you post a premium picture you can charge for it. If you post a free picture anyone can download it for free.

4 Is my credit card details stored on your website?

No your credit card details are not stored anywhere it is used one time only by the payment Gateway to make the transaction and then deleted.

5 How long does it take you to get paid?

The maximum of 8 days from the date of purchase.

6 Do I pay commission to the website for the sale of my photo?

You pay a small commission to the website for the sale of your photo that will be deducted automatically by PayPal.

7 In what currency is fototaken charging in?

US dollars.

8Do I need an account to be able to download photos?

No you do not all you need to do is press the buy button fill out your credit card details and the photo will be automatically downloaded to your device.

9 Can I post a picture of anything?

Basically yes as long as you own the picture and you have the right to distribute it and it’s not pornography or anything else that comes against the terms and conditions.

10 How many pictures can I upload?

You can upload as many pictures as you’d like.

11 Will my pictures be use for anything else?

No your pictures will be safely secured in the website and not shared with any other website and unless you post them for free and someone downloads them and uses them for any purpose that is out of our control.

12 How can I contact you?

You should use the contact form on the bottom of the page.